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Online Roulette Wheels

In the popular casino game of roulette, different kinds of wheels are utilized. The wheels are spun and the number where it stops is the winning number. Even when it comes to online roulette wheels, you have the choice of selecting the kind of wheel you want to play with. These roulette wheels are designed to perfection, and remain in this condition if they are used on a daily basis. If the wheel has not been used for a long time, it will develop some flaws that will cause one or more players to be at an advantage relative to others. Online roulette wheels history will tell you that they were manufactured taking into consideration high standards of quality and endurance. The wheels may still be capable of use if the flaws are minor. However,, with some major defects, these wheels are rejected by casinos. Fed up with playing exactly the same casino games? Try new things! Go to the jeux de casino page at!

The degree of defect depends on the exact portion of the roulette wheel that is affected. There is a spindle that makes the wheelhead rotate to perfection, allowing for equal probabilities for all numbers. Another component of the wheel is the wooden bowl that houses the wheelhead. There is a steadying mechanism as well, so that the wheel does not tilt to one side. As an online roulette wheels guide will tell you, if there is a slight tilt in the wheel towards one side, the hollow areas on that side will have a greater probability of the ball landing in them due to the slope that has been formed. The numbers in those hollow spaces will be hit more often than in a normal situation; hence the player who bets on those numbers has a greater chance of winning. This creates a biased roulette wheel.

Another defect, due to which roulette wheels become biased and are rejected by casinos, is the presence of spaces between the various hollow areas. Even if there is a space between only two of the sockets, the ball will settle for a number closer to that space. If this were not the case, the ball would have passed several more numbers before stopping.